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MAER reviewers have to fill the reviewer's form. Here is a sample form.

Ideally, manuscripts should be analysed according to the structure given below:
Content evaluation (consider each of the following aspects of the paper):

  • o The paper's title accurately reflects the content and purpose of the paper.
  • o The abstract contains the justification of the undertaken topic, the aim of the study, methodology used in the study, the main results and conclusions/recommendations. It is concise and relevant (up to 150 words).
  • o The introduction contains a clearly stated aim/goal and justification for the study.
  • o The paper achieves its stated aim/goal.
  • o The methodology is clearly presented.
  • o Empirical/Theoretical contributions of the paper.
  • o Paper relevance to the practice.
  • o The message of the paper is clear.

Text evaluation (consider each of the following aspects of the quality of the paper):

  • o The paper is well-organized technically (abstract, introduction, other headings - main text: methodology, results, conclusions/recommendations, references).
  • o The paper's length is appropriate (15-20 A4 size pages).
  • o The paper makes an appropriate use of visuals - graphs, diagrams & tables (score should be 5).
  • o The format of the citation is in accordance with the Journal's requirements.
  • o The paper is free of spelling, grammar, punctuation, etc errors.
  • o The references used are up to date.
  • o The literature review is broad (tens of bibliographical items).

Suitability/Interest for MAER:

  • o The paper describes an issue of importance to the fields of Management & Applied Economics.
  • o The paper's idea is original and offers an important contribution to the field.
  • o The paper is relevant for the international audience.
  • o The paper's content is acceptable (up to date information supplied, urgent issues discussed).
  • o Overall, the paper is a valuable contribution to the Management & Applied Economics Review

Sample Reviews Written by the Editors
To illustrate the kinds of reviews our editorial team is looking for, the micro and macro editors have written reviews of hypothetical MAER submissions (the papers are actually “file-drawered” manuscripts obtained from the MAER). Although different editors use different styles when writing their reviews, all of the reviews conform to the guidelines described above.

  • o Click here to read the hypothetical micro submission
  • o Click here to read reviews written by the micro editors
  • o Click here to read the hypothetical macro submission
  • o Click here to read reviews written by the macro editors

Such evaluation will guarantee that the manuscript is high quality and is suitable for us to publish it.
Thank you for your effort!

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