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My MAER Language Editing funds

The 'MAER Language Editing funds' function allows you to add funds to your MAER Language Editing account at any time and to use these funds to pay for future manuscripts uploaded for editing. Funds can be added to your MAER Language Editing account using your credit card or with a purchase order via a bank wire transfer. After adding funds, you can choose the 'my MAER Language Editing funds' option to pay for your manuscript instead of the credit card or purchase order options. The cost of your manuscript will appear as a debit from your Language Editing account balance.

You may want to add funds for many reasons. For example, if you have $1,000 left in your research budget and these funds will expire soon, you can add that $1,000 to your MAER Language Editing account and use those funds to cover the cost of editing your next several manuscripts through MAER Language Editing. Your Language Editing funds will never expire, so funds you add today can be used for the editing services you will need next week...or next year! Another reason is to avoid multiple bank wire transfer fees if you are making purchase order payments. Just make one large purchase order and transfer funds into your Language Editing account. Then you can use the Language Editing funds to pay for several manuscripts without having to pay the $25 purchase order surcharge every time.

Note for purchase orders: Because the 'MAER Language Editing funds' function is designed for larger deposits, funds added to your Language Editing account using a purchase order will only be available for use once the purchase order has been paid through a wire transfer. When we receive payment, the funds will be shown as 'Available'. Deposits made using a credit card show as 'Available' immediately. If you need to use a purchase order for a manuscript and you want to upload your document without waiting for the funds to become available in your Language Editing account, just choose the regular 'Purchase order' option under 'Payment method' when uploading your manuscript.
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