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The world is changing ...
... Management & Applied Economics Review' priorities also!

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The Management & Applied Economics Review has undergone a dramatic transformation over the past several years. With the unprecedented support of organizations from around the world, and two very generous gifts from researchers, we have been able to reinvent our publishing process and renovate our facilities. We have renewed our scientific commitment to provide the best evaluation, and continue to support the most innovative research in management and economics. Since, we have hired twenty outstanding professors from around the globe, each of them leaders in their field. We look forward to adding ten more world-class experts to our board this year. We have dramatically reworked our process and brought in innovative new reviewers that push the boundaries of contemporize research. One of our greatest accomplishments this year is an integrated core for papers, which dissolves the boundaries between traditional disciplines. This novel approach is one of the first initiatives to fully integrate research and practical experience into management and economics learning.

This became necessary because, the management and economics area focuses on research and teaching that addresses the strategies and structuring of governance, the process by which strategies form and change, their social determinants, and the relationship between management and their economic, political, social and natural environments. We are publishing from a holistic and integrative perspective to understand important real-life phenomena as well as theory-building. We address management and economics issues in both domestic and international contexts.

The management and economics area is a diverse group in terms of disciplinary backgrounds, theoretical and methodological approaches, and research topics. We intentionally have papers from multiple disciplines, including sociology, economics, history, political science, and management. Our review publishes a variety of research approaches, from inductive ethnography to archival studies to simulation and quantitative methods. Similarly, our publication questions address a range of phenomena related to corporate, business, competitive and collaborative strategies; organization theory; international business; innovation; strategies of enterprises in developing and transition economies; and the environmental and social impacts of business. We value this diversity, recognizing the eclectic nature of strategy, entrepreneurship and organization studies. It is profoundly rewarding to work each day with the outstanding collaborators whose world-class talent and unparalleled enthusiasm have made Management & Applied Economics Review the highly respected review it is today. I want to warmly thank our editorial body superb effort on careful detailed selection of the works published from over thousand research works received since the beginning.

MAER encourages the submission of research manuscripts from authors all over the world, from academia, government, and industry. All research manuscripts must follow a case-based research methodology. The Review also encourages the submission of teaching cases, which are published on a space-available basis. Each issue of the journal will also include reviews of cutting edge IT books that have bearing on the journal's mission. Practitioner input will be regularly solicited through the industry editor(s) of MAER. Manuscripts must be submitted by attaching files in Microsoft Word or text format as attachments to email addressed to the Editor at

Research case submissions should include discussions of the theoretical context of the case, the research question or questions addressed, the case’s contribution to existing theory, and its implications for practitioners if appropriate. The submission should include a section on methodology, which addresses how the case site or sites were selected and how the case data was collected and analyzed. Authors are encouraged to review the form that our editors use to evaluate submitted research case manuscripts by clicking here.

Teaching case submissions should include three components the case itself, a research note of between 750 and 1500 words excluding references, and a more extensive teaching note. These three components will be reviewed as a package. The research note will be published with the case, but the teaching note will be available only to instructors. The research note should help the student analyze the case by outlining the theory that could or should be applied. The teaching note should help the instructor organize the discussion of the case in class. Authors are encouraged to review the form that our editors use to evaluate submitted teaching case manuscripts by clicking here.

We look forward to having you join us!

The world is changing, Management & Applied Economics Review' priorities also!

The Editor of Management & Applied Economics Review

A REVIEW IN RESEARCH PUBLISHING   The world is changing...      MAER' priorities also!

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