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A manuscript' empirical contribution is usually the most difficult element to revise in response to reviewer concerns, since measures and methods have already been applied and data collected. Two of the most common sources of manuscript rejection involve: creation of new, weakly validated measures when well-validated ones already exist, and implementation of flawed research designs. Because both these features are determined at the research design stage, authors should peer review their research designs and instruments before data collection.

All articles published in Management & Applied Economics Review must also make strong theoretical contributions. Meaningful new implications or insights for theory must be present in all MAER articles, although such insights may be developed in a variety of ways (e.g., falsification of conventional understanding, theory building through inductive or qualitative research, first empirical testing of a theory, meta-analysis with theoretical implications, constructive replication that clarifies the boundaries or range of a theory). Submissions should clearly communicate the nature of their theoretical contribution in relation to the existing management and organizational literatures. Methodological articles are welcome. They should also be relevant to practice. The best submissions are those that identify both a compelling management issue and a strong theoretical framework for addressing it. We realize that practical relevance may be rather indirect in some cases; however, authors should be as specific as possible about potential implications. Articles must be accessible to MAER' wide-ranging readership. Authors should make evident the contributions of specialized research to general management theory and practice, should avoid jargon, and should define specialized terms and analytic techniques.

Manuscripts will be evaluated by the action editor in terms of their contribution-to-length ratio. Thus, manuscripts should be written as simply and concisely as possible without sacrificing meaningfulness or clarity of exposition. Typically, papers should be no longer than 30 single-spaced pages, inclusive of references, tables, figures and appendixes (see our presentation standards). MAER reserves the right to ask authors to shorten excessively long papers before they are entered in the review process. However, we recognize that papers intended to make very extensive contributions or that require additional space for data presentation or references (such as meta-analyses, qualitative works, and work using multiple data sets) may require more than 30 pages. Top


When authors submit their manuscripts to the MAER for publication consideration, they agree to abide by MAER’ publication requirements. Specifically, an author must:

• Agree that their manuscript is not under review for publication elsewhere, and will not be submitted to another publication entity during the review period at MAER.

• Attest that the manuscript reports empirical results that have not been published previously. Authors whose manuscripts utilize data that are reported in any other manuscript, published or not, are required to inform the editor of these reports at the time of submission.

• Confirm that their manuscripts have not previously been submitted to MAER for review. Submission of manuscripts previously published in Proceedings is acceptable; similarly, prior presentation at a conference or concurrent consideration for presentation at a conference does not disqualify a manuscript from submission to the MAER.

•Agree that working papers, prior drafts, and/or final versions of submitted manuscripts that are posted on a Website (e.g., personal, departmental, university, or working series sites) will be taken down during the review process.

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