Global environment of contemporary public action
Prof. Dr Amedzro St-Hilaire, Walter
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The world is changing ...
... Management & Applied Economics Review' priorities also!

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The Management & Applied Economics Reviewis destined to scholars, companies' leaders, public and private organizations, counselling office, some liberal professions and unions. By a transdisciplinary approach, this series endeavours linking management sciences to fundamental disciplines such as economics, sociology, psychology, political science, public administration, industrial relations, city plan, regional development, mathematics, econometrics and economic anthropology. It also hopes to develop search of elements of a generalized management science separated from national contingencies and more sensible to the current social by the detailed and critical analysis, the axiomatization, the explanation of normative hypotheses underlying management models and practices. The essential features of transdisciplinarity and fundamental methodology of Management & Applied Economics Review will bring to anyone interested from near or far to Management sciences in both the company and in any other organization, the elements of answers to the questions of a booming discipline.

Management & Applied Economics Review strives to comply with highest research standards and scientific/research/practice journals' qualities. MAER welcomes contributors from an empirical and/or conceptual point of view that address these issues (but are not limited to):

Accountability, Auditory, Information system & control - Accounting (Economics, public policy, education, information systems) - Actuarial science - Advanced technologies - Banking - Business (administration, case studies, ethics. governance, IT, law, models. research, venturing, history) - Cheating, plagiarism - City planning - Comparative studies - Competitive intelligence - Competitive strategies - Computers in Industry - Consumer Psychology - Consumption - Contemporary Accounting & Economics - Corporate Finance - Critical perspectives on Accounting - Decision Support Systems - Decision-making - Demography - e-business evaluation intranets - e-commerce evaluation - Economic conditions - Economics Economics & Business - Economics of engineering decisions - Education & IT - e-government - e-industry - Electronic commerce theories - Employment, unemployment & prices - Living & working conditions & employment projections - Productivity & labor economics - Entrepreneurship - Environmental economics - Environmental planning - e-society - Evaluation and Program Planning - Evaluation methodology - Family Business Strategy - Finance & Risk Management - Finance theory - Financial Economics - Forecasting - Green Management - Hotel & Travel Management - Human judgments, decisions - Human Resource Management - Industrial economy - Information & Organization - Infrastructure - Insurance economics - Insurance law - Integration & trade - Interactive Marketing - International Accounting, Auditing & Taxation - International Business - International Development & Trade - Intralogistics - Investment - Landscape architecture - Learning - Long Range Planning - Management (Art & Design, Education, Technology, Engineering, Innovation, Industrial Marketing, Information, Hospitality, Knowledge, Marketing, Multimedia, Music, Production, Sport, Supply chain, Tourism, Information systems, Theory, Practice, International, Fashion) - Marketing - Mathematical methods in economics - Mathematics strategies - Medical Management - Mobile commerce - Multinational Financial Management - New product development - Operations Management - Operations research - Organizational Behavior - Personnel and Industrial relations - Political science - Population studies - Product development management & process - Product management - Productivity - Project Management - Public policy & Applied economics - Quantitative management - Regional economics - Regional integration - Research Methodology & Policy - Retailing - Security Management - SMEs - Social conditions - Social stratification - Socio-Economics - Sociology of markets - Statistics - Strategic Management - Technical logistics - Technological Forecasting and Social Change - Telecommunication Management & Policy - Telematics and Informatics - Theoretical foundations - Total Quality Management - Transport and Logistics - Urban development - Vocational Behavior -

Any other interdisciplinary research relevant to Economics Research, Management Theory and Practice, Experts Forum, Macro or Micro Analysis, Industry Economic, Finance and Financial Management, Governance

A REVIEW IN RESEARCH PUBLISHING   The world is changing...      MAER' priorities also!

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