Global environment of contemporary public action
Prof. Dr Amedzro St-Hilaire, Walter
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The world is changing ...
... Management & Applied Economics Review' priorities also!

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Our Model

(Deliver the academic world values to the society needs) MAER network model slogan.

Our Investigation-Publishing-Consulting network model is built around the following pillars which are set on the way from theory of management & economics to practice: Investigation

1. Our people. All our officers are experts in management & economics. Besides that they work in publishing and provide some publishing procedures, at the same time they conduct their own investigations in various aspects of applied economics. This is an excellent and unique combination of knowledge in the areas of publishing and management & economics.

2. Editors. We have very close relationships with many experts in management & economics who have a rich experience in editorship. Editorial boards of our journals consist of more than 100 professionals. They represent a large variety of nations and countries (more than 70). Their expertise is very wide from the point of view of the management & economics issues. These issues concern corporate control, corporate ownership, board of directors, director independence, executive compensation, financial reporting, audit, and many others.

3. Reviewers. As a Publishing house wishing to meet the best standards in editorial business we established a group of experts who will add the value to the work of our editors as - blind reviewers -. Over years of our activity we increased the group of external - blind reviewers - up to 334 persons who made a valuable contribution to the development of our journals. They represent 49 countries both developed and developing.

4. Authors. We try to do our utmost to let authors feel comfortable when submitting and publishing papers in our journals. The - 3 blind - reviewing processes is an excellent guarantee that their papers will be improved in the best way. Duration of the reviewing process (about 10 Days or even shorter) meets requirements of all contributors. We do not want our contributors suffer from brutal procedures when authors are prisoners of situation and so named rules . Publishing

5. Universities. Our partner university network accounts more than 93 institutions who subscribe to our journals. They are from over 97 countries. We understand that this is a basis of the financial well-being of our publishing, but at the same time this is a sufficient reading audience allowing our authors promote their investigation very effectively.

6. Public libraries. We understand that international interests to our periodicals and books could be strengthened through public efforts. We do our utmost to deliver the results of our publishing (journals and books) to general public through delivering it to national libraries.

7. Research institutions. This is a much promising way of development of publishing. Taking into account that we have set relationships with many experts (editors, reviewers, authors, etc.) who represent more than 130 research institutions (centers, institutes, etc.) from over the world then this could be a very good threshold to start new business projects with application to strategies & governance (book writing, joint conferences, etc.).

8. Individual subscribers. Our individual subscribers who subscribe to our journals for many years are considered by us as long-term partners in contributing papers to our journals (more than 245 individual subscribers published their papers with us). They are informal advisors who help us in making the right route for our journals and publishing in a whole. Their advices are very valuable. Consulting

9. International institutions. We understand that having composed such an excellent team of academics we are responsible for delivering all this knowledge to the world of practice. We try to contribute through advising and publishing of such institution as International Financial Corporation engaged in various international initiatives such as National economics & management Codes development.

10. Corporations. We are open for advising to any company with an aim to improve the protection of rights of minority shareholders, board dynamics and performance, agent conflicts prevention, etc. These ten pillars we set are the bridge we built on the way from theory to practice of management & economics. Deliver the academic world values to the society needs sense of our network model. We are sure that whoever you are you keep to this slogan too.
A REVIEW IN RESEARCH PUBLISHING   The world is changing...      MAER' priorities also!

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