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Submissions Submitted papers should be sent to the editorial office (

Desk Edits. When a manuscript is first received, an editor completes a preliminary screening of a manuscript to assess the degree to which it (a) fits the criteria described in MAER' Rights & Permissions and Information for Contributors, and (b) possesses at least a minimal likelihood of being favorably evaluated by MAER' reviewers. Submissions that fail to satisfy one or both of those criteria may be returned to the authors as a Desk Edit, with the authors then given the opportunity to resubmit their manuscript at a later point in time.

Normal review process. For each manuscript that passes the initial review stage, the editor assigns an action editor (either him- or herself or an associate editor or guest editor) and three reviewers. The manuscript' action editor makes publication decisions about it. However, these decisions are made in conjunction with recommendations provided by members of the Review' Editorial Board or other qualified reviewers. All submissions will be blind reviewed; manuscripts prepared in a way that compromises blind review may be returned for revision prior to being reviewed.

Submission of a manuscript to the Journal also carries an implicit quid pro quo: willingness to review for MAER. The cornerstone of the editorial process at MAER is the willingness of colleagues to provide each other feedback through the peer review process. Authors who submit manuscripts to MAER for review are expected to reciprocate by reviewing for MAER if called upon to do so.

Review duration. The Review strives to provide constructive and developmental feedback to authors within approximately two weeks. However, the initial quality of the manuscript can dramatically influence both the efficiency and effectiveness of the review process. The better developed a manuscript and the ideas it contains, the easier it will be to review, and the better the feedback its author will receive. Therefore, manuscripts should always be reviewed by your scholarly colleagues prior to submission to the Journal.

Prepare manuscripts in accordance with the Journal' "Presentation Standards". Manuscripts that are inappropriately prepared tend to be less favorably reviewed, and may be returned to the author for revision prior to submission to the full review process.
Technical note : Authors who use the tracking facility of the reviewing tool in working on successive versions of their manuscripts should be aware that the latest versions of Word (e.g., those using Office 2007/2016) show corrections to previous versions if the “Showing Markup” option is clicked when the Reviewing tool bar is activated. To prevent showing corrections before submitting your manuscript you should (1) click on “Final,” (2) select the entire document, and then (3) save this version as a new file. Submit this “clean” version.

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