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Our service concentrates on improving your written English so that your research results stand out. Editors focus on correcting spelling, grammar, usage and punctuation errors. They will change improper language and rephrase sentences that sound awkward or unnatural. Editors use their scientific training to point out language in your document that is vague or confusing and will work on style to make the article sound more professional. Editors will not edit for research content or formatting and will not translate text from another language. After approval from a managing editor, our senior editors quality check the editing process and strive to ensure that the standards of excellence synonymous. Choose from our Gold or Silver service, read our guarantee, and see an edited sample below. Gold service The Gold service offers a comprehensive editing service. The document is edited by two editors, with the second editor providing a thorough re-edit, contributing more in-depth suggestions for language improvement, and placing additional emphasis on the overall flow and sound of the document. The summary provides valuable feedback on the manuscript and will help researchers develop their writing skills for the future. Silver service The Silver service provides a thorough, reliable editing service at an affordable price.


The abstract should contain obvious and evident information and be self-explanatory. It should discuss the topic, the scope of the study, facts & figures and present major findings and discussions. Abbreviations should be avoided and standard nomenclature should be used. The literature should not be cited.

Introduction should understandably state the problem, subject’s relevant literature and proposed solution.

Methods and materials used should be thoroughly described. New research methods should be explained in detail, while previously published methods should be cited, and published methods modifications should be mentioned briefly. General use methods may not be detailed.

Results should be clear and precise. Author’s findings should be described using past tense, while present tense should be used for previously published findings. Results should be explained without referring to the literature. Speculation, detailed interpretation of data and discussion should be included in discussion section and not in result.

Findings should be interpreted in Discussion in view of the results obtained. Conclusion should be stated at the end of the paper in a few sentences.


Text body

Microsoft Word, Calibri, size 11, justified, Single spaced
First paragraph line: no tab
View pages in normal mode for the whole document
Footnote: Times New Roman, size 7, justified
First level titles: black, uppercase and bold, font size 11
Second level titles: lowercase, bold and indented (one tab), font size 11
Third level titles: lowercase italic, font size 11, indented (two tabs)

Paper(layout) & Margins

Right: 1.8 cm Left: 1.8 cm; Top: 2.54 cm, Bottom: 2.54 cm
Format B5: 18.2 cm wide and 25.7 cm in height
Headers to 2 cm and footers to 1 cm

The first page of each submission

should have, separated from the text body: TITLE of the article, Names of authors, in the desired order with, for each, title, organization or university affiliation

The article should be preceeded by an ABSTRACT not exceeding 150 words and five key words in French and English (French is not mandatory if the article is in English).


They should be included at the end of the text in the following format:
Author's name (in small capitals) - space - First name(s) initial(s), point, comma.

  1. Book: book title in italics, comma, publisher, place of publication, year of release, point.
    E.g.: DUPONT J., Economie du travail, Editions Ouvrières, Paris, 1999.
  2. Article: title of article "in quotes, comma, title of journal or book in italics, comma, serial number, volume, month, year of publication, pages, a single point.
    E.g. Durant F., « Economie d'énergie », Revue Verte, tome XXXII, N°3, March, 2007, p3.-33.
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