Global environment of contemporary public action
Prof. Dr Amedzro St-Hilaire, Walter
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MAER is an international journal designed to support decision-makers, businesses and those who provide services to them. The journal editorial policy is interdisciplinary, bridging applied economics, business strategy and management to support better decision-making and business performance. MAER targets valuable findings published in scholarly research journals to create accessible briefing articles that practitioners find appealing. MAER is unique in applying vigorous research analysis to inform managerial economics decision making and support start up companies with their business direction. MAER is a highly accessible professional journal, combining academic depth with practicality, publishing clear, straightforward articles that are distinctly geared toward the business world. Among the criteria we use to determine whether or not a paper is suitable for sending out for review are: Is the choice of a field or sub-field in the topic studies mature enough to warrant a literature review? Are details provided of how the boundaries to that field have been defined to include specific details of what is included and excluded, and why? Is there a synthesis and evaluation of the accumulated state of knowledge in that field, summarizing and highlighting current and emerging insight, while stressing strengths and weaknesses of prior work? Does the review include consideration of how research has developed in the field into sub-categories, concepts or themes that can provide a more holistic interpretation and (re)categorization of that field? Is there a complete analysis of the literature surveyed in terms of discussions of any contrasting methodologies used in the literature, the strength and weakness of particular approaches to studying the subject under review, the quality of the studies in the field, the general conclusions to be drawn from the literature (for example, the current agreements and disagreements contained within the field) providing a thorough discussion of where the literature is now; Are there reasoned and authoritative conclusions as to where the literature is, or perhaps should be going, and what important questions, or gaps, still exist in the field? Is there a clear statement about what contribution the review makes to theory, practice and/or research?

Editorial staff & Scientific advisory boards

Editor in Chief
Prof. Dr. Walter Amedzro St-Hilaire
The Chair of Institutional Governance & Strategic Leadership Research

Senior and Associate Editors

Prof. Dr. Giovanni Bronzetti
Prof. Dr. Peter Christoffersen
Prof. Dr. Patrick Boisselier
Prof. Dr. Luc Marco
Prof. Dr. Paul Kutasovic
Prof. Dr. Catherine De La Robertie
Prof. Dr. Samuelson Doug
Prof. Dr. Nicholas O Regan
Prof. Dr. Chew Ng
Prof. Dr. Jack Samuels
Prof. Dr. Frank Scrimgeour
Prof. Dr. Jim Sheffield
Prof. Dr. Peter Harris
Prof. Dr. John Walsh

Editorial Board

Prof. Dr. Katherine Kinkela
Prof. Dr. Luisa Cagica Carvalho
Prof. Dr. Eric Pichet
Prof. Dr. Alfredo Smith
Prof. Dr. U. Comite
Prof. Dr. J.A.M. Restrepo
Prof. Dr. Jean-Pierre Gueyie
Prof. Dr. John Williams
Prof. Dr. Bob. Tylers
Prof. Dr. Sara Beckman
Prof. Dr. Jennifer Chatman
Prof. Dr. Chris Meisner Rosen
Prof. Dr. Marvin LiebermanWalsh
Prof. Dr. Mariko Sakakibara
Prof. Dr. Margarethe F. Wiersema
Prof. Dr. Kimberly D. Elsbach
Prof. Dr. Donald A. Palmer
Prof. Dr. Kathleen Montgomery
Prof. Dr. Paul S. Adler
Prof. Dr. William Barnett
Prof. Dr. Peter Smith Ring
Prof. Dr. Adrangi Bahram
Prof. Dr. Chen Chien-Ping
Prof. Dr. Mokhtar Amami
Prof. Dr. Dritsakis Nikolaos

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